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Supply chain

Quality, always

Italian gastronomic specialties are a tangible sign of our identity. We are proud to bring typical regional products to your plate, including organic and Zero Km products. We select our partners with great scrutiny and are careful about the supply chain both of fresh and packaged goods and only choose those products which respect and share our principles.




Respect for the environment

Our production cycle contemplates daily and tangible initiatives to optimize water and energy consumption, and effectively manage waste. We are also committed to reduce food waste and actively participate in solidarity programs which distribute food that is not consumed.





We take great care in complying to all food safety regulations and this philosophy is also applied to our suppliers and their operations. Over time we have increased our attention towards sustainable production, safeguarding of local products and use of biological products.
Our suppliers are carefully selected, chosen and qualified also on the basis of parameters, such as respect of the environment, and through specific requisites that have an impact on improving service and reducing environmental impact.
Furthermore, in respect of animal welfare we buy eggs and egg products exclusively from free-range chicken farms.


Managment of goods

The planning and management of our food orders is a key factor of success to ensure that goods are properly delivered and are on time. To handle the deliveries based on the non-standardized menus we leave ample margin of discretion to our on-site operators and have purposely chosen not to have a standard stocking platform for our goods. This choice has allowed us to streamline all procedures related to food orders with the advantage of reducing stocks and optimizing the freshness and quality of all raw materials and ingredients. We co-ordinate the supply chain by working preferably with producers who also take care of delivery to the restaurant.