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In the kitchen

How we cook

We cook from scratch using fresh products and privilege certified genuine and authentic ingredients with which we formulate recipes treating food in a simple and natural form without using pre-cooked or pre-packaged foods. We are interested in satisfying client preference and offering well-being . Our cooking practices reflect this philosophy and include a variety of techniques which enhance taste and conserve nutritional values so that food is good and healthy and that menus are based on seasonality and availability of fresh products.




Our aim is to personalize and we love the added value of recipes which are home-made with fresh and high quality ingredients In many restaurants the daily offering includes fresh products made by our chef , such as fresh pasta, pizza yeasted for 72 hours, and tasty cakes and croissants. Our chefs know very well how to best combine genuine ingredients and present original dishes, but at the same time how to propose traditional recipes presenting them in a modern and exciting manner.


Respect forThe Multi-culture

Multi-culture is a natural choice. Proud of being Italian and committed to strengthening our culinary traditions, we are however also curious about learning and proposing dishes and tastes from other countries. Working for multi-national corporations and international organizations with a variety of people coming from different nations has helped us discover and respect the infinite languages of the international cuisine.