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Social Engagement 


Social Responsability

We support the following Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives:

  • Social Inclusion Project – we cooperate with the Social Cooperative – Colonna Project and “Luigi Petroselli” Professional Training Center, activating placement or reintegration courses aimed at the rehabilitation and social inclusion for disadvantaged people.
  • Humanitarian Project – we collaborate with Hummustown cooperative, which helps Syrian refugees to gain economic independence by cooking their traditional food. We organize theme days with typical Siryan menus in our restaurants. Read 
  • Solidarity Project – For the third year in a row, since 2016, we sustain a joint initiative with one of our clients in support of needy people in Burkina Faso. We bought and offered the foodstuffs necessary to feed the volunteers during the labor camp. Food as a livelihood, our commitment to solidarity. Read the thanks received for our engagement 2017.
  • Study / Work Project – following an agreement with some hospitality colleges in Italy, we are welcoming numerous students to work in our restaurants.
  • Zero Waste project – we are committed to reduce food waste and actively participate in solidarity program with Siticibo organization which distributes food that is not consumed in our restaurant, providing meals to people in need.
  • Enviromental Project – we started a replacing process of the service cars  preferring hybrid cars. The commitment to reduce the environmental impact in our activities is actionable choosing the sustainable mobility for our employees. The advantages of this choice are different, such us the low CO2 emissions and the lower levels of nitric oxide (NOx) than a petrol car.
  • United Nations Global Compact – we support and implement the principles of the Global Compact on human rights, labour enviroment and anti-corruption. View We renew our engagement with the “Communication on Progress 2018 (COP)” View